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Are you looking for dental implants near Kingston, NY? Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry’s dental treatment center is just 10 miles from Kingston, NY. We are at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

At Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry, we offer both general dentistry and oral surgery. We believe that every patient deserves to get the best treatment possible. Our entire team embraces a practice philosophy of compassion, inclusivity, and individualize care.

Dr. Claudia Patch, who leads the team, has a passionate commitment to providing the best in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. She has performed and lectured on implant dentistry for over 10 years and has multiple peer review journal publications. Our certified oral surgeon, Dr. Amenedo, has been placing implants for 20 years. Our office has one of the only dedicated implant surgical suites with its own CT Scan machine in the Hudson Valley.

Tired of Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Day-to-Day Life??

Sleep Apnea Treatment
Near Kingston, NY

Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry is also home to Hudson Valley Sleep Solutions. We provide sleep apnea testing and non-surgical obstructive sleep apnea therapies that help you achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Patients from Ulster County, Dutchess County, and the greater Hudson Valley and across the country choose Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry for excellence in whole-health, cosmetic and restorative dental treatment.

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Our World Class Facility Near Kingston, NY

This state-of-the-art dental care and wellness center has 12 dental treatment rooms. Each room has large windows to capture our beautiful surroundings. Our dental surgery suite consists of two surgical areas that will allow surgical procedures to be performed apart from the general treatment areas. We have experience with bone grafting, periodontal surgery, sedation dentistry, and dental implants near Kingston, NY.

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If you’re a new patient at Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry or a current patient preparing for a procedure, we make it easy for you to get started. Find forms and care information right on our website.

Patient Financing

Excellent dental care is one of the wisest investments you can make. That’s why we provide financing options that help our patients afford the treatment they need for a healthy life.

If you do not have dental insurance, or if your plan does not cover the total cost of treatment, we can find an affordable payment plan that fits your budget. You can depend on the dedicated professionals in our financing department to find a solution for you, regardless of budget or credit history.

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Sedation Dentistry
near Kingston, NY

Are you apprehensive about visiting the dentist? Has a bad experience left you with anxiety about dental treatment? Modern advances in sedation dentistry take the fear out of having dental procedures for millions of people across the country. At Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry, our goal is always to make you as comfortable as possible. We provide the care you need in a relaxed, stress-free environment. Our expert sedation dentists and board-certified anesthesiologists will put you at ease as we provide you with the care you deserve.

Levels of Sedation Include:

  • Minimal Sedation (you’re awake, but relaxed)
  • Conscious Sedation (you’re still awake, but may not remember much of the procedure)
  • Deep Sedation (you’re on the edge of consciousness, but can still be awakened)
  • General Anesthesia (you’re completely unconscious and under the care of an anesthesiologist)

Woodstock General & Implant Dentistry provides sedation dentistry for anyone anxious about dental work and our practice has Board Certified Anesthesiologists on staff to deliver deeper sedation for more complex cases.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?