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The decay, loss, or failure of teeth can result in various unpleasant symptoms such as pain, discomfort, sensitivity, and reduced self-confidence. Additionally, the decline in oral health can limit the ability to eat favorite foods and cause embarrassment when smiling. If you’re considering a completely new, rejuvenated smile, full-mouth dental implants in Woodstock, NY may be the solution for you!

Full-arch dental implants, more commonly referred to as full-mouth dental implants, provide an enduring replacement for broken or absent teeth. Dr. Claudia Patch is an accomplished dentist in Woodstock, NY who specializes in full-mouth dental implants, and she can help you rediscover your self-confidence by restoring your smile.

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Full-mouth dental implants offer numerous benefits for those who have missing teeth. One of the most significant advantages of dental implants is that they help to keep the jawbone intact and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, which can result in bite problems and difficulty chewing. Full-mouth dental implants can aid in the prevention of gum disease as well, which can lead to further tooth loss and other oral health complications.

Since dental implants are secured in the jawbone, they help to prevent sunken facial features and premature aging as they provide support for the facial muscles and structures. Dental implants also look, feel, and function like natural teeth, which can restore self-confidence and improve the overall quality of life. Furthermore, by replacing missing teeth, these full-arch dental implants can restore 98% of biting and chewing power, allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods and enhance speech!

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Dr. Claudia Patch Talks About How Full Arch Implants Can Be Exactly What Your Smile Needs!

Full-Mouth Dental Implants
are the Preferred Tooth Solution

If you’re thinking about tooth restoration, you no longer need to rely on conventional, outdated dentures that sit on top of the jawbone and promote bone recession and create sunken facial features. Full-mouth dental implants offer a permanent and secure solution for missing teeth. As opposed to removable dentures that rely on messy adhesives to stay in place, dental implants are fixed directly to the jawbone, giving patients confidence when speaking and eating, knowing the implants will not slip or shift.

In addition to improved stability and security, full-mouth dental implants bring about several health benefits. Being firmly secured to the jawbone helps maintain bone mass, which is critical for maintaining the jaw’s well-being, and likewise provides a solid base for the crowns that discourages periodontal diseases from developing. Full-arch dental implants offer long-term comfort and convenience without difficult fitting techniques and can simply be treated like natural teeth with regular hygiene routines.

What to Expect from Your Dental Implant Procedure

At Woodstock General and Implant Dentistry, our mission is to help patients regain their self-confidence and improve their quality of life by creating healthy, complete, and beautiful smiles. Dr. Patch uses cutting-edge technology and modern techniques to design personalized smiles for every patient. When it comes to restoring smiles with full-arch dental implants, we’ll start with an in-depth consultation that entails going through your dental history and discussing what you want your new smile to look like. Dr. Patch will then complete an oral exam to evaluate your current oral health and obtain digital X-rays and diagnostics to build your customized treatment plan.

During the procedure, we’ll administer your preferred sedation service, and work to place your dental implants using our All-on-4 to six protocols. We’ll place your dental implants into your jawbone at a 45-degree angle to ensure optimal stability. After placement, we’ll affix a temporary set of teeth to your implants, allowing you to experience your brand-new smile immediately! In the following months, your mouth will recover through osseointegration, where the dental implants will fuse with your jawbone. Once healed, Dr. Patch will attach your final restoration, providing you with a lifetime of healthy and one-of-a-kind smiles.

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